auto body repair testimonials

Douglas B

Dear Mr. Strayhorn,
This letter is to Thank You and your employees for doing an above-excellent repair on my car. The work and service were outstanding, prompt and way beyond what could reasonably be expected. As occasions arise, I will not hesitate to recommend Custom Auto Service.

Thank you for the time and attention which was spent on my vehicle. Your cooperation and assistance in the matter were and are sincerely appreciated.

Very Truly Yours, Douglas B. / Bonner Law Firm P.A.

John B. Infiniti Owner

Dear Kevin,

I want to thank you and others at Custom Auto Service for the excellent job that you did in repairing the collision damage on my Infiniti. The workmanship is outstanding and your willingness to pick up and deliver the car made the process as painless as possible.

Several of my self-appointed-quality-inspector-friends have closely examined the repairs and pronounced them excellent. I also appreciated the extra attention to the interior and taking out the roof and trunk scratches.
As all of your customers probably say, ” I hope I never have to do business with you again.” But if I Need body repair work in the future, I’ll be calling back.

cc: Service Manager/Infiniti of Little Rock

Yours Truly John B.

Lee and Tammy L

Thank You very much for taking care of Randi’s car. You ,make it so easy for us! Her car looked really good. Until the next time. 🙂

Lee and Tammy L.

Brittany L.

You’re the Best !! It was very disappointing to only have my new car for 2 days and come out of class and find it damaged by a hit and run driver. I just knew it was going to take at least a week to fix but you guys did it in less than 24 Hours. AWESOOOMMME !! I will not hesitate to recommend you to others.
“Thanks A Million” Brittany L.

Cindi B.

Kevin and Karen, Thank You so much for the great service you provided in repairing my car. All of You were friendly and great to work with. I will (already have) definitely recommend you to others.


Thanks Again! Cindi B.

Sarah J

Dear Kevin,
Just wanted to thank you both again for taking such great care of me. I am grateful to you and others at Custom Auto Body for helping me feel safe and secure in my car again, That’s a Big Deal when you are a single mother! Thanks for guiding me through the entire process. My car actually drives better than before.

Sarah J

Sharon H. // Bird and Bear Companies

Wow! Thanks for the great job you did on my car. I really do appreciate the good work you do. I’ll tell all my friends who have “Fender Benders.” Thanks for sending it back so Clean. I’m Impressed!!


Sharon H. // Bird and Bear Companies

Blake and Gayle R

Custom Auto,
Thank You all for a job well done.

We Appreciated the friendliness of all the staff. The Quality of work is truly exceptional. Wow! and the Old Chevy Blazer was so Clean ! Thank You for going the Extra Mile!

We Thank You God Bless you All.
Blake and Gayle R.

Natalie F.

Impeccable Customer Service, Always Deliver what they promise, Willing to go the “Extra mile- With a Smile.” Highly recommend this Family Owned Company, Thanks to all your Employees,


Natalie F.

Albert and Traci B

Thanks for the follow-up and everything with the Range Rover has been great. You all are terrific to work with.


We will make sure we provide some good reviews out there for you guys.
All the best,

Albert and Traci B. Range Rover 7.2014